April Fool

We like the high-wage jobs and the low-cost electricity coal provides, the administration seems to be saying, but we don’t like to actually mine or burn the stuff.

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Greens Zero, Coal Won

For any remaining doubters seeking evidence of climate change, look no further than Washington, D.C.  Here in the marbled nation’s capital, far from shrinking glaciers, is irrefutable evidence of climate change—only the change here is in the political climate.  And it’s not the change we were led to expect with the arrival of a more liberal government and an emboldened green movement.

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The Winter of Coal’s Content

"This is the winter of our discontent," wrote Charles Dickens.  That would still be a fair description of the state of most American workers and their employers these days.  But thankfully it’s not a spot on description of the coal community right now.

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