New Knife Gate Valve Promises Zero Leaks

A new device could resolve leakage issues with systems designed to isolate flow

For many years, plant operators have battled with leakage problems, searching for valves that will isolate the flow and prevent leaks to the atmosphere, but are often left feeling frustrated and out of pocket.

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Fighting Fire with Fire

Proactive measures are crucial to preventing one of mining’s worst nightmares

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Tackling a Gritty Problem

Controlling dust emissions from haul roads, crushers, stockpiles and tailings impoundments can be costly — or inexpensive. Coal Age looks at some of the options.

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Tools to Tackle Tire Life Challenges

Tires are second only to fuel in the hierarchy of recurring haulage costs at most mines. Making them last longer saves money, time and unscheduled maintenance calls.

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Bolstering with the Best

35th International Ground Control Conference closes on a positive note as officials prep for changes in 2017

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Trucks and Shovels: Sizing Up the Situation

Large-capacity mining shovel and truck purchases are flatlining, but suppliers hope new models and advancing technology can resuscitate customer demand

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