Flying High

The sky’s the limit as North Dakota mine takes an innovative approach to surveying and monitoring

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Russian Coal: Caught Between Weak Demand and Social Needs

Russian coal operators hope to expand production, but the they face opposition based on safety and environmental concerns

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Fluidly Streamlining

With both safety and efficiency the top priority for mines, the area of lubricants, along with other vital fluids, is keeping pace

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A Superior Upgrade


Midwest Energy Resources Co. teams up with service partners for a growth-minded makeover of a Midwest transport leader, the Superior Terminal

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Achieving World-class Mining Maintenance: Step 6—Evaluate

In the final installment of this series, the author explains how to evaluate, confirm and sustain maintenance performance that meets world-class standards

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North American Coal Opens Coyote Creek

A refurbished AC-powered dragline moves overburden for new lignite mining operation

By Steve Fiscor, Editor-In-Chief

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