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Natural Resource Partners L.P. (NRP) is suing Foresight Energy for breach of contract in an Illinois state court over a force majeure declared by Foresight after its Deer Run longwall steam coal...
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By Dave Gambrel The U.S. coal exporting community could not imagine a more perfect place than Cherry Point from which to export America’s cleanest coal, coal produced in the Powder River Basin (PRB)...


Week Ending 4/2/16 (in Thousand Short Tons)
  YTD '15 YTD '14 % Change
Wyoming 1,148 101,713 -30.1
West Virginia 17,975 27,825 -35.4
Illinois 11,966 17,140 -30.2
Kentucky 11,141 17,223 -35.3
Pennsylvania 9,278 14,028 -33.9
Montana 8,327 11,170 -25.5
Indiana 6,660 9,676 -31.2
North Dakota 5,521 7,581 -27.2
Texas 5,252 8,131 -35.4
Colorado 3,552 5,390 -34.1
U.S. Total 168,251 245,447 -31.5

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Featuring the largest display produced by Juniper Systems to date, the Mesa 2 is also the company’s first handheld to run on Windows 10, allowing for improved decision-making in the field, as well...
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Market Watch

By Andrew Moore This year will likely be remembered as the year the U.S. coal market hit bottom. Low demand led to low prices, which yielded production cutbacks, mine closures and some bankruptcies....
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article thumbnailAlpha Natural Resources announced that Andy Eidson, senior vice president for strategy and business development, will assume additional duties as the CFO. Eidson, who has served in his current...
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University of Kentucky (UK) Department of Mining Engineering Chair Rick Honaker has been awarded a grant of almost $1 million from the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (DOE NETL)...
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